Spring-Mounted Bike Pedals That Go Easy On Your Joints

Biking to and from work every day can do wonders for your health and physique, but it’s not all a bed of roses. Using pedals that clip to your shoes and hold your feet firmly in place can cause wear and tear on your legs and joints. So a German company called BioConform has created a set of spring-mounted pedals that let riders lock in while still enjoying some freedom of movement in their limbs.

Competitive cyclists might decry the design of the BIUS1 pedals as absorbing and wasting some of the energy transferred from their limbs to a bike’s drivetrain. But anyone who’s only racing being late for work should appreciate the pedals’ unique design, which allows them to slide from side to side — and even slightly rotate — without feeling too loose under foot.

BioConform goes as far as to claim that with the BIUS1 pedals, a rider can use a skating-like motion to pedal — which reduces joint strain and has the added bonus of exercising a wider range of leg muscles. And with a price tag of just over $US300 for a set, the company will need to do everything it can to convince casual cyclists to upgrade. [BioConform via Gizmag]