Shocking Before And After Photos Show The Effects Of Climate Change

Shocking before and after photos show the effects of climate change

This is the Muir Glacier in Alaska, shot in August, 1941 and August, 2004. It's only one example in NASA's new Images of Change app. Seeing the unbelievable effect of just a few decades of climate change in the following before and after photos is a sad and sobering experience.

Shocking before and after photos show the effects of climate change

Northwestern Glacier, Alaska, August 1940 -- August 2005

Shocking before and after photos show the effects of climate change

Pedersen Glacier, Alaska, Summer 1917, Summer 2005

Shocking before and after photos show the effects of climate change

McCarty Glacier, Alaska, July 1909 -- July 2004

Shocking before and after photos show the effects of climate change

Patagonia Glacier, Chile, September 1986 -- August 2002

Shocking before and after photos show the effects of climate change

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, February 1993 -- February 2000

Shocking before and after photos show the effects of climate change

Muir Glacier, Alaska, August 1941 -- August 2004

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    The earth has been going in and out of ice ages since it's birth. We are actually in a mini ice age right now, so melting glaciers are not an oddity.

      We are in a "mini ice age" therefore glaciers are melting? Can you elaborate because to me that makes no logical sense?

        Because it's ending and the earth is going to go through a warm era.
        Whether it's because it's normal or because of man kind, that is still up for debate. Either way it's happening and mankind will adapt. Cavemen adapted and they had far less technology. Pointing fingers is not helpful when in fact we should be adapting our ways to be beneficial for all of us. Unfortunately big business rules the world and they are quite happy to rape and pillage this earth till there is nothing left. So, we're all f#cked and we'll all die and the earth can be safe again.... Till an asteroid hits... Or the sun expands and envelopes the earth.
        Here's to the future. Cheers.

      You are confused. We are at the tail end of an ice age. Ice ages go over millions of years.

      There was also a short period a few centuries ago where it was cold for a few hundred years. That was not an ice age. We are not currently "in" that.

      the earth experiences an ice age every 40,000 years or so, and we not currently due for one for about 20,000 years... we're in the middle of the earth's axis tilt / wobble . climate change does occur naturally, but not at the rate seen in the photo's above. that's a direct result of our dominance over the planet.

      check out what causes an ice age here if you like...

      That's a complete non sequitur , it's irrelevant.
      The issue here isn't ice ages, the issue here is an extremely fast change of global climate, faster than humans, most plants or animals can reasonably adapt to.
      The earth's ice ages and warming cycles are very slow, gradual events, unless caused by external forces like a comet/meteorite strike or huge volcanoes or something of that magnitude- or human forcing as is the case now.

        I also hear that the ocean's cold stream ( not sure what's it called but that ring of water that cuts through the arctic and down to the equator ) is slowing down. Read about that 5 years ago and the scientists of the time said it would affect the climate.

          Very likely And the main contributing factor again is likely human forcing. The climate is so hugely complex and the mechanisms so interconnected that it only takes one altered variable to cause a whole lot of cascading changes down the line- The sea is where most of the global temperature increase is being stored, so that's causing many different things to happen within it and that further affects our weather systems.

    How are we to know if this isn't just part of normal Earth development? We've been here 5 minutes and we think we know what should happen on the planet. Yeah right.

      Because scientists study the earth history, why and how it changes. So they know what drives the long and short term changes.

      They have large body of knowledge of known changes and factors which can, do and have changed the earths climate. Out of all of them the only one which can be shown to be causing the current warming trend, and the only one which can't be disproved from causing it is increased radiative forcing of green house cases in the earths atmosphere. Driven by an increase in CO2 from human based emissions.

        Wasn't it the scientists that said it would never rain again in Australia and labor panicked and spent billions on making desalination plants. So far Victoria has not used a drop from the plants. They run them and pump the water back in the ocean. It constantly costs millions of dollars every year. For one third of the price they could have made a dam and it would be full by now. Scientists aren't perfect and they are quite frank about it. They do not know everything and in the future, those scientists won't know everything. All they can do with the scenario they have now is make an educated guess. But a guess is a guess.

          The desalination plant is an interesting. He aren't getting rain so they build that. However it's finished when we do get rain again.

          If they now start building lots of catchment dams, guess what.. we'll still go into drought again.

    I don't get the commenters above me.

    Who cares if climate change is real or if it is man made.

    1) The shit that is being pumped into the air is still crap being pumped into the air. I enjoy breathing, quite a lot.

    2) Scientists think the stuff we keep burning is warming the planet. The things we burn are a finite resource. Doesn't matter if those scientist are right or wrong, the stuff will run out regardless. When we run out of oil nobody is going to give a crap about how hot it is in winter.

    I believe that those who are doing the most to bring us ever closer to a post-oil apocalyptic wasteland should maybe stop it.

    That isn't a good argument. Climate scientists, who job it is to study those min ices ages were going in and out of; say this one is weird, and its caused by people. So why ignore the experts?
    And how do we know its not normal behavior? Because the experts in the field checked, and it isn't.

    almost as shocking as the fact that in the 10th centry the vikings farmed once on land that is now under ice... climate does indeed change.. frequently of its own accord. Trouble is we think that with a few decades of observation and a decade of satillite measurements the "experts" think their models can predict what is happening in the coming decades..
    I read somewhere in the recent weeks that it had been noted that the poles were getting much colder now that the "ozone hole" caused by CFC's had been fixed...

    Thanks you, sir, for stating the bleeding obvious :-) Been having this discusssion with people for years. It doesn't matter what you think about man-made climate change, the fact remains that petrochemicals/coals are a finite resource, and burning them is the most stupid thing you can do with them.

      And scientists are never wrong. Really.... They're not gods. Ask the best scientists in the world if they are 100 percent sure that mankind is to blame and they will say no, because they don't know everything about how the earth works. The earth is far too complex to know explicitly.

    What I'm seeing is a lot more lushes land, tree's and lakes that are probably now populated with thousands of animals and insects.

      Then you're not looking with your brain engaged are you!

    so what does it look like in 2013?
    with "unpresidented" record cold temperatures being recorded....

    so much for cowtan and way's mathmatical guess work

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