Scientists Finally Solve The Mystery Of These Rainforest Structures

Scientists finally solve the mystery of these rainforest structures

A few months ago, eye-grabbing images of tiny web-like structures baffled entomologists everywhere because they had no idea who made them. However, Wired recently followed a team of scientists down to the Amazonian rainforest and the mystery is finally solved. Sort of.

The research team observed these tiny structures for days before three eggs hatched and out ran — you guessed it — little baby spiders. Of course, pretty much everybody suspected it was spiders all along. The only problem now is that they have no idea what kind of spiders they are. The one spiderling they managed to capture is orange and a little chubby, but once it matures, they hope to know more about how these amazing little structures are made. [Wired]

All images by Troy Alexander

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