Russia's Cosmobot Is Getting Ready To Walk In Space

Russia's Cosmobot Is Getting Ready to Walk in Space

Russia's SAR-400 robotic cosmonaut — which bears some significant similarity to NASA's Robonaut — is in practice for its first ever space walk. But don't worry, because it will be controlled from afar, just like in this picture.

SAR-401 has been designed to service the outside of the ISS, where its arms and fingers will be controlled by a human sat in the safety of the space station. That's exactly what's happening in this image, with a cosmonaut showing how easy it is to control the automaton. SAR-401 will be the first robot to be used outside the ISS, and should help prevent any Gravity-like disasters. Hopefully. [New Scientist]

Image byMikhail Pochuyev/Photas/Tass/PA

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