Must-Have Fitness Tech To Get Stuff Done

Must-Have Fitness Tech To Get Stuff Done

Getting fit starts with choosing the right gear and getting organised. These are our picks for five key areas where the right tech makes your fitness journey easier.

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Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers seem to be a dime-a-dozen these days: practically everyone has one on the market. We recommend great ones from the likes of Jawbone – namely the Up and the soon-to-be-released UP24 – and Fitbit, with the Zip, Flex and soon-to-be-released Force. You can usually get these fitness gadgets for less than $200 from anywhere where gadgets are sold, and in a variety of colours. All of the above connect to your phone in one way or another to track your lifestyle with beautiful apps, coming together in a beautiful confluence of fat shaming.


There’s nothing like shutting out the world and running to your power tunes. We’ve rounded up the best headphones for running right here.


Want to track everything down to a fraction of a second/inch/calorie? We’ve got the perfect list for you.


Sometimes you can’t get out there and run amongst nature, either because of time constraints, or just because nature sucks. There are a bunch of treadmills you can buy that hook into your app ecosystem, smartphone and price bracket. Check them out at places like Rebel Sport.


Music is the spirit of life, and to get you over the line in that last surge of exercise, it’s a life-giving spirit. Getting the best out of your music while you work-out, however, is more than just slapping some songs on a playlist and running. There’s a science to it. This isn’t just about taste. The right music can improve your form, optimise your heart rate and lower your risk of injury. Listen up.