Must-Have Entertainment Tech To Get Stuff Done

Must-Have Entertainment Tech To Get Stuff Done

OK, keeping yourself entertained doesn’t make you productive in itself — but organising that process does leave you more time to relax. These are our picks for five key areas where the right technology makes digital entertainment much more enjoyable.

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Media Centre

build one from scratchXBMC to a machine you already ownRaspberry PI media centre

Media Clean-Up Software

ripping and organising everythingfully automating your media centresorting out media centre annoyancesclearing digital clutter


camera buying guide

Media Ripping Tools

sorting your music collectionthe best tools for ripping DVDs

Cable Organisers

check this roundup of tipswrap and unwrap cables like a probrowse all our cable management posts

Stay tuned this week for more must-have tech recommendations. Tomorrow: tech for fitness.