Must-Have Entertainment Tech To Get Stuff Done

Must-Have Entertainment Tech To Get Stuff Done

OK, keeping yourself entertained doesn’t make you productive in itself — but organising that process does leave you more time to relax. These are our picks for five key areas where the right technology makes digital entertainment much more enjoyable.

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Media Centre

The core of a properly organised home entertainment experience is a media centre. Whether you want to build one from scratch, add XBMC to a machine you already own or even build a Raspberry PI media centre, we have guides to help out.

Media Clean-Up Software

Once your centre is set up, a major challenge is ensuring that all your content (TV shows, movies and music) is organised and easy to find. Check out our guides to ripping and organising everything, fully automating your media centre, sorting out media centre annoyances and clearing digital clutter.


If photography is a hobby you take seriously, then it definitely pays to have the right gear. Gizmodo’s recent camera buying guide will tell you everything you need to know, whether you’re after a standard digital camera or a mirrorless model.

Media Ripping Tools


If you want to clear lounge room clutter, ripping your physical media into digital form is the way to start. We have step-by-step guides for sorting your music collection and the best tools for ripping DVDs.

Cable Organisers

Disorganised cables make it hard to move stuff around, not to mention looking awful. There are lots of ways to sort your cables out; check this roundup of tips, learn how to wrap and unwrap cables like a pro and browse all our cable management posts.

Stay tuned this week for more must-have tech recommendations. Tomorrow: tech for fitness.