Kogan Is Getting Into Smart Watches

Not content with annoying everyone in the technology retail space, Kogan is now starting to annoy department stores: it's now selling brand-name watches and geeky smart watches.

That's right. From today, Kogan will offer a fairly sizeable range of watches for relatively low prices, including new smart watches from the likes of Sony and Samsung.

"Watches have for a long time been seen as some of the most technologically advanced devices available in the world, so we’re thrilled to offer them to our community of smart shoppers," Kogan told us today.

Normal watch brands include Michael Kors, Tag Heuer, Guess, Gucci and Hugo Boss. Among the smartwatches, right now you have a choice of the Sony Smart Watch 2, the Samsung Galaxy Gear and a Bluetooth "smart" bracelet. [Kogan]



    Meh... so long as he doesn't try and make 'em himself... I applaud his efforts to be an alternative in the market, but he really needs to concentrate on improving the quality. I've bought Two Kogan TV's and a WiFi radio from him in the past, and all of them failed to live up to expectation, except maybe the 42" TV I bought for my wife for her gym, which takes up more and more space in my garage :(.. ;) because she never uses it...! :)

      I'll take that telly off your hands if it's that much if an issue. ;)

        I'm assuming your talking about the 42", Cos the small one is crap... I'm giving it away to a school. There are a couple around my town that would definitely benefit from it, rather than say St Vinnies, who would just sell it to someone who could no doubt afford a new one. I'm sure you'll appreciate, my reasoning there...! :)

        Last edited 09/12/13 12:23 pm

          Plus i thought charities like Vinnies generally don't accept electrical items anyway.

            I've given several monitors and old PC's to St Vinnies. They just don't like broken or very heavy stuff. Also I'd imagine CRT monitors and TV's would not sell at all...!

    Nothing surprising here, of course they are getting into smart watches, I could get into selling smart watches. There are plenty of china factories who will make anything for you, if you're not worried about quality, that's the beauty of Kogan.

    Hmmm not bad. i've seen better prices on some of these watches when travelling around asia but at least your protected by a local shop here. Most of the discounts look pretty good...Tags are still expensive though :)

    if he is selling what sony and samsung are selling, i aint buying.
    just cos it's cheaper doesnt make it worth it!

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