Just Awesome: The Story Of Star Wars, Sung To The Tune Of Bohemian Rhapsody

Music parodies make for easy listening — well, the good ones — and it certainly helps if you're melding the melodic awesomeness of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody with the everlasting sci-fi cool of Star Wars. Fortunately for us, this exact combination can be witnessed in the clip above and it is, most definitely, a glorious occurrence.

The whole thing was produced by students from Arizona's University of Advancing Technology, specifically the facility responsible for digital video.

With perfectly-fitting lyrics including "caught in the Death Star, no escape from this tractor beam" and "Jabba, just captured Han, took him down without a fight, now he's frozen Carbonite", you might think this was a completely original production, if you'd somehow never heard of Queen or Star Wars. Considering how unlikely this is, we'll just have to appreciate it for the clever parody it is.

Conveniently, the lyrics are included via closed captions, so just hit that little button on the player if you want to follow along... be it silently or to the detriment of your neighbour's eardrums.

[YouTube, via DVICE]

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