How Do You Use Tech To Indulge Your Inner Organiser?

How Do You Use Tech to Indulge Your Inner Organiser?

Everyone has something that they work on and keep obsessively organised. It could be a calendar, a Bitcoin mining rig, or an entire life, but we all find that meditative, Container Store satisfaction somewhere.

I've noticed a bunch of things I organise obsessively. My sock flow (new socks with the tags on, socks currently in circulation, socks with holes that need to be darned, this is totally normal right?), my magazine pile, my medicine cabinet. But I've also noticed that I can really indulge in my digital life. Labelling systems in GMail, bookmarks, RSS, collaborative spreadsheets, notes and to-do lists that sync everywhere all make it possible to be pretty intense. So what's obsessively neat and what's the junk drawer of your digital life? Put everything in its place below.

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