Holden Tight On Possible New Commodore

Take a look at Holden's video made to make us feel better. It wants to let us know the brand is staying, even though different people will be payed to make them. But in the process, we might've been given a glimpse at one of their future, unannounced cars. Is this the 2017 Commodore?

In the video, a man at an office desk has several never-before-seen cars places around his workspace. Speaking to CarsGuide, a Holden representative has apparently confirmed that despite his confident turn to camera and one-line delivery, that man is not an actor, and is in fact a Holden designer - which means there's a smidge of a chance that car is actually going to be the future of Holden.

Without revealing anything, and maybe even hinting at something, the PR rep said, "It's just a possible future General Motors car."

Only time will tell - but have a look at the video/screen grab and see if you might want what Holden very possibly might be offering soon. It's about 35 seconds in.

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