HTC Design Chief Charged With Leaking Future Phone Interface

A former executive at HTC has been indicted for leaking an as-yet unused smartphone interface design in Taiwan, and several others involved with the company — both inside and out — are also facing criminal charges.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Former Vice President of design, Thomas Chien, has been charged with leaking company secrets, after allegedly providing smartphone interface plans to partners in Beijing, with whom he intended to start a business. The designs are thought to be planned for use in an upcoming HTC smartphone.

Five other employees were charged in Taiwan with falsifying expenses and taking kickbacks, as well as three other unidentified suppliers. The total amount disputed is $1.12 million USD.

Mr. Chien could be facing 10 years in prison if things don't go his way in court.

[Businessman wearing handcuffs] via Shutterstock

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