Here's The HD Footage Of That Mid-Air Skydiving Plane Crash

Remember that mid-air plane crash from a little while ago? Two planes collided in a terrifying mid-air crash, but everyone survived because they were all going skydiving. Now the high-definition GoPro footage of that accident from multiple angles has been posted online, and it's crazy.


    Any word on how the pilots made it, they wouldn't normally be suited up?

    EDIT: One manage to land safely. The other somehow bailed out? Had a chute on or something, seems odd?

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      It seems like one of the wings broke off one of the planes. How on earth did the pilot survive that?

      Apparently even the pilots wear chutes on these, though they only have the one, there is no backup chute. Sometimes a sky diver can pull their chute too early and it has the chance to get tangled up, or something else. If it wasn't policy before, it should be now. That everyone walked away from that alive is insane.

        Yeah seems legitimate to me heh - clearly they were doing some kind of stunt dive in the first place to have the two planes so close, all trying to assemble on the wing, all wearing go pro's etc etc..

        It's the same as for construction workers, PPE gear might seem silly for outsiders or like it's just for insurance liability purposes - but when it's you're profession you take it seriously and do anything and everything to keep yourself safe.

        After all, who wants to die at work!

          You know thinking about it, it might have been them all piling out onto one wing that caused it to veer down and to the right, on top of the other plane if the pilot wasn't prepared to adjust for it.

          I have been on small planes like that and if someone so much scratches their ball sack or queefs it shuffles.

            Nah, I've flowng plenty of skydivers around and it doesn't really make that big a difference to be perfectly honest, anyone worth their salt wouldn't have a problem like that.

          after all, who wants to die at work!


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          'After all, who wants to die at work!'

          - Terrorists.

            Bravo! You sir, win the internez today

        I read an article about this, but I couldn't determine whether or not the pilot (not the one who landed) escaped the aircraft itself, or activated it's recovery system (essentially a parachute for the entire aircraft in the event of catastrophic damage/failure).

          Yeah... there are VERY few aircraft that have these systems, only really know of the Cirrus SR20s and SR22s that come out of the factory with them and I've personally never seen one installed in any other aircraft types. He just got lucky and the damage was limited allowing him to land it again.

          Pilots who fly Skydivers (Jump Pilots) around carry a parachute as well, basically because they want the same options the Skydivers do, which has proved useful many times in the past!!

          Personally, when I was a Jump Pilot I never trusted the dang thing, god knows if it would have actually deployed properly if I needed to use it!!

      In our area, anyway, all skydiving pilots where parachutes. Reasoning is, and it has happended several times before, is that if a dive goes wrong, the diver can get caught in the tailplane and possibly rip it off... The other crazy thing (I have heard) is that the pilots don't need a commercial licence as it is deamed a risky sport...

        This is true. The reason being is it's really hard for pilots to get the hours up for a commercial license. So one of the typical ways they get their hours up is ferrying sky divers for no pay. The sky diving company provides the plane and they just fly for the free hours.

      All pilots of skydiving planes have to wear a parachute.... old fashioned round ones, but parachutes none the less.

    Freaking crazy man. If anyone died it would have been horrible but since nobody did it's just a fantastic story heh!

    ... Did anyone notice though that none of these people looked too smart? lel..

      How do smart people "look"?

    Just... wow. Calling this video "terrifying" is completely legitimate. Hearing someone yell out "No!" as it happened gave me chills.

    I can't imagine why the accident occurred in the first place, though. Any info on that?

      My guess, the people in the top plane piled onto one side, moving the plane centre of gravity resulting in the aircraft being trimmed for moderate bank. The pilot was correcting for the centre of gravity change. A gust resulting in either increased air speed over the port wing or increased vertical airspeed resulted caused the plane to bank unexpectedly. The bank caused the starboard wing to drop nad the aircraft ot yaw to the starboard side. This then shielded the inner par part of the starboard wind from the freestream resulting in an sudden loss of loft, further exacerbating the bank and yaw. Finally, the small distance between the two aircraft menat the pilot was unable to correct in time resulting in the collision.

      A airplane with a correct centre of gravity should have been stable enough to correct for the sudden gust. A major source of stability for those two aircraft is gravity and the top mounted wing. The moving of the CG caused the planes stability, and thus the way it reacts to gust loads to change. THe close proximity of the aircrafts fianlly meant the aircrew had little time to react to the gust....

      Just my guess anyways.'ve done way too much thinking here. I'd guess neither of these geniuses have Formation Flying Endorsements/Ratings, weren't paying attention, didn't communicate properly with each other, drifted into each others blind spots and then collided. They obviously didn't have a lot of seperation and it's pretty easy for aircraft to move up to 100ft up and down, especially whilst on a jump run like that, by the looks of a lot of the videos they weren't more than 50ft between them in terms of vertical seperation.

        In the end they probably made a major mistakes by losing visual with each other when trying to operate so closely, got lucky, got out and learnt a really big lesson.

        Yes I am a Pilot and yes I've done my fair share of fly meat missiles around so I've got a fair idea what i'm talking about.

    The scariest thing is seeing those two planes falling out of the sky from the perspective if the divers, one with its wing missing. Awful. Reminds me of WW2 footage of fighters and big B17s going down.

    I wonder whether the people underneath on the ground knew how lucky they were? I say this garbage should only be allowed over water.

    Bunch of fools...

      This "Garbage" as you call it Blasto is conducted over the top of "Drop Zones" relatively large areas just used by the skydivers, they don't just jump out over any old spot in suburbia, they would have been pretty much right over the top of the drop zone, only time they don't is when sometimes the Skydivers decide they want to do a "Cross Country Jump", but these are very uncommon. Conducting these sorts of operations over water is a stupid idea as well cause then you'll end up with skydivers being blown off course, not being able to get back to shore and perhaps drowning, it has happened before I should mention, over a lake. Get a clue before you try and comment.

        But what about the right to comment without having a clue???

    I'm concerned about the bloke that got pinned between the two planes. That looked painful. He's lucky his schute wasn't damaged come to think of it.

    To those above, here's the facts: all survived, the pilot or the Cessna that lost the wing managed to bail out (you can see him bail I'm one of the videos where the skydiver is looking downwards)
    The pilot of the other aircraft managed to milk it home- his Cessna had significant damage, and he did a bloody good job.

    Most if not almost all jump pilots wear a chute. Just like the one the bailed out pilot used, they aren't skydiving chutes as such, but more like the in-manoeuvrable chutes like those used by commandos. He did sustain minor injuries from what I read.

    To the dude asking if it had a ballistic recovery system, fat chance. One, those systems are generally only found in new composite aircraft (mainly Cirrus aircraft). And two, those were two clapped out cessnas (206 or similar).

    Finally, I highly doubt the weight/CoG change led to this collision. If you slow the video down, it's clear both pilots are maintaining their desired flight paths with no issue (one even turns and watches the guys on the wing). And neither makes any control input other than wings level.

    This looks like a case of two aircraft maintaining their relatively similar flight paths, with one have only a slight pitch up (or the other pitch down) attitude (perhaps both in opposite directions). It doesn't take much at 100kts.. Anyone who has flown a light aircraft will understand the ability for an aircraft to climb or descend with even the tinniest change in attitude (or power). Just an unlucky case (besides the fact that they were flying far too close in the first place).

    I hope someone has to take responsibility for that and suffers the consequences.

    Wow I've never seen so many aviation experts and pilots that also happen to read Kotaku and play video games, while posting the results of their "investigation" online. Probably a few too many people who watch Air Crash Investigation and suddenly think they're from the ATSB.

    lol @ Jinxbob. Leave it to the ATSB and go back to your flight sims.

    What's this got to do with gaming, too? Nothing. It was shot in HD, so is everything these days.

      Actually...this is on Gizmodo dude, pretty sure it's got a bit of everything on it, that's what the headers up the top are for, "Gadgets", "Mobiles", "Car", "Geek Out" etc...etc... Good to know you're paying attention though.

      Also this happened in the US, so it'll be the NTSB investigating, not the ATSB. But hey, you just keep on showing off your wealth of knowledge and powers of observation there sunshine ;)

    Look at 1:30 ish does amybody think the leg of the first is o fire when he steps out the plane? Could be the sun on his trousers but def looks like flames to me.

    any pilot trying any stunt where planes are in close proximity would me stupid not to bring a chute for himself!

    they colided too heavily with a wheel on one wing and one on the fuselage, causeing the lower plane to drop, the wing without the support of the wheel had enough wind resistance from the downward force to rip off, the wing full of fuel flips up and hits the prop and boom both planes are done for


    so i was in like the real world and i was about to sky dive with my buddies then the plane blew up and i jumped off and i was like whoa


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