Have A Blast Preparing For The End Times In This Luxurious Compound

Have A Blast Preparing For The End Times In This Luxurious Compound

At first, this 371 square metre cabin in Colorado seems like nothing more than a gorgeous high-elevation getaway. But then you start to notice a few things — signs that this place is for more than just maxing and relaxing. The helicopter pad. The UV cannons. This is some serious prepper porn.

Located on a little over two acres near the Southwestern Colorado town of Yellow Jacket, this Self Sustaining Luxury Retreat Compound is made entirely from reinforced concrete and steel that’s “nuclear rated,” meaning it can withstand a 50 pound-per-square-inch (PSI) pressure wave.

The home has four different power systems ranked for various degrees of self-sufficiency: a solar array, a wind turbine, a liquid propane gas generator, and a gasoline generator. The same tiered approach applies to the heating system: The house has a wood-fuelled boiler that can switch to propane if necessary, an electrical heater, a wood-burning stove, and then a few smaller, portable heaters as a last resort.

But you probably won’t have to worry about any of that. “In 10 years,” claims the listing, “power has not been dropped.”

It’s what’s going to be happening outside that you should be worried about however, and, in that regard, the compound has also got you covered. All exterior air ducts have an emergency shutdown mode “in the event of dirty air i.e. biological hit, CS gas etc.”

The house also features UV cannons and ozone generation for water purification. There are three refrigerators and three freezers for all your end-of-the-world snacks.

It’s actually quite impressive to see how they’ve made the compound look comfy. My favourite room is what the listing calls the “situation / office room,” where you can catch up on some paperwork or attempt to reach the outside world after all communications have broken down on your emergency UHF radio — including 10 scrambled walkie talkies with a 20-mile range — using a 100-foot tower mounted on the top of the property.

All this, plus your peace of mind, can be had for $US11.5 million. But if you act fast and buy the property before December 27, the owner will throw in an extra 10 acres and a guest house. I assume that’s where you’ll let the family members stay who you don’t want sticking around after the apocalypse.

Can’t afford the $US11.5 mil? There is another option; a kind of prepper B&B: “In the event of disaster we can house people and provide a package per person prepaid based on a monthly stay of $US19,500 per person. This includes chef, foods, facilities management… this is a shared arrangement and not private in the main chamber of the hardened site. One month minimum upfront during peace time per person.”

One can only imagine how much the price will go up when it is no longer “peace time.” Many, many more photos here. [EagleStar]

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