Gift Guide: Great Gifts You Can 3D Print

Great Gifts You Can 3D Print

The best gifts are the ones that aren't obvious. Oh you're going to get your sister another pair of earrings? Nah. This time you should go for a set that were 3D printed instead. In order to wow your family and everyone on your list this year, here's are some magical presents that came out of a printer.

Now, you may be thinking, but I don't have a 3D printer. But no printer is no problem. You can easily order something that has already been designed and 3D printed for you. So now that you know how easy it is, what are you going to print for your friends and family? Maybe you can find some inspiration here.

Mounted Deer Head

Okay, so maybe jewellery isn't the right pick. There's someone in your life, there just has to be someone in your life, who will love this 3D-printed deer head.


This geometric keyholder is a good gift for an absent-minded friend.

Eames Mini-Chair

You'd love to be able to give the gift of a full-sized Eames chair to the design enthusiast in your life, but it's just not in your price range. But for $20 this full-colour miniature totally is.


I love you, Eggbot.


There just has to be someone in your life that you have no idea what to get. And then you see this hand bookshelf and it's game over.


A 3D-printed snowflake feels like a good gift for your teacher or your neighbour.


I would totally wear these rhombic dodecahedron-shaped earrings. (In case you needed a hint).


For the Daft Punk obsessive in your life? We're up all night to get cufflinks.

Bottle Opener

Nothing says I love to party like a 3D-printed shark bottle opener.


This bracelet comes in metal or steel finishes or in a crop of bright colours, and your sister would probably like it.

Jewellery Holder

A wireframe hand jewellery holder is creepy enough to find its way into someone's heart.

Espresso Cup

This heart-shaped espresso cup is too cute.


You can never go wrong with a picture frame. Slap a photo in that bad boy and you're oh-so-thoughtful.

What are you getting printed? Let us knowin the comments!

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