Gizmodo Awards 2013: Gadget Of The Year

Gizmodo Awards 2013: Gadget Of The Year

This is the big one. The winner of Gadget Of The Year is…

It’s a whitewash!

Readers’ Choice

Oculus Rift

Congratulations to Oculus VR on the win!

Editor’s Pick

Oculus Rift

I don’t care that it made me want to throw up. I don’t even care how stupid it made me look or that it doesn’t have a huge amount of games yet: the Oculus Rift is the 2013 Gadget Of The Year.

It seems so simple: strap two stereoscopic screens to a ski mask for more immersive gaming. It didn’t take a genius to think of, but it took a genius to execute. The Kickstarter broke records all over the place and the development units that have shipped out so far have delighted and amazed those who have used it.

It made VR cool again, and that means it’s more than worthy of our Gadget Of The Year title.

Congratulations, Oculus VR!

Honourable Mention

• Google Glass
Arguably the first mainstream piece of tech has grown up before our very eyes in 2013, but it still didn’t achieve a commercial/consumer release. While it was great and revolutionary for 2013, it still can’t be our gadget of the year until it gets released. 2014 perhaps?