Gizmodo Awards 2013: Best TV

Gizmodo Awards 2013: Best TV

This week we’re announcing the best tech of the year. We’re about to announce the best TV of the year! And the winner is…

Hundreds of votes were cast in our week long poll to find the best TV of 2013. Here are the winners!

Readers’ Choice

Samsung F8000

Congratulations to Samsung for being our Reader’s Choice this year with its awesome 8-Series Smart TVs!

Editor’s Pick

Sony 65-Inch XBR 4K Ultra HD TV

Sure, other manufacturers might have had better smart hubs and catch up content on their TVs, but at the end of the day, it’s the quality of the image, the price of the panel and the technology you pay for that counts. The Sony XBR 4K TVs had it all in spades.

Not only is it a beautiful, now sub-$5000 4K TV, it’s incredibly smart and very well built. The speakers for example face forward, unlike most panels which have speakers built facing down. The XBR speakers also rely on magnetic fluid to drive bigger sound and better bass, while cushioning and cooling the driver.

Not to mention the awesome image engine tech that eventually trickled down into Sony’s awesome line of mobile products this year like the Sony Xperia Z1 and Tablet Z.

Congratulations to Sony on the win!

Honourable Mention
Samsung F8000

Beauty should know no borders, and from the looks of the Samsung F8000, that was exactly the brief they were given. It’s a gorgeous LED TV with incredible image quality and an unparalleled Smart Hub which offers content ranging from YouTube right through to catch-up Foxtel content. Bravo, Samsung.