Gizmodo Awards 2013: Best Console

This week we’re announcing the best tech of the year. We’re about to announce the best console of the year! And the winner is…

Thousands of votes were cast in our week long poll to find the best console of 2013. Here are the winners!

Readers’ Choice

Sony PlayStation 4

Congrats to Sony on the win!

Editor’s Pick

Sony PlayStation 4

It's our first double whammy! The PlayStation 4 has swept the category for Console of the Year!

Sure, it doesn't have some of the media features that the Xbox One has, but if you're in Australia, you probably won't get any benefit out of them anyway, which renders them moot.

We still think that a gaming console needs to be about games, and from the incredible line-up and resolution we've seen incoming from Sony and its third-party developers, we're super-impressed. The launch line-up for the PS4 was also pretty amazing.

Congratulations to Sony on the win!

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