Gizmodo Australia's Complete 2013 Christmas Gift Guide

Need a cool present for someone? You'll be able to find anything for anyone in here.

That's right, it's our first monster gift guide. Click on any of these gift guides for a link out to a list of really cool presents for just about anyone in your life.

Alcoholic Gifts For The Proud Boozer

It’s your Festivus party; you should be out there schmoozing with guests, not stuck in the kitchen pouring drinks. With these mechanical mixologists at your side, you’ll be able to pour a professional cocktail and still have time to be the life of the party.

Fast Gifts For Fitness Fanatics

Got a runner in your Christmas family? These fitness gadgets will keep them on the track.

Presents For The Uber-Geek

So you think you can geek? Not like this next giftee. There’s probably someone in your office/life/family/friend circle who is way into geeky gadgets and toys. Here’s where you can find something for them.

The Most Expensive Tech Gifts

It pays to think big. If you’ve got cash to burn, why not spend it on the delight of others? These are the most expensive tech gifts money can buy.

Gifts For The Camera Obsessed Photo Nerd

Everyone has that friend or relative who you never see without a camera. Here are some gift ideas for sure-fire ways into their photo-snapping hearts.

Gifts For The Bicycle-Borne Road Warrior

Odds are that there’s at least one cyclist on your list this year, given the rapid increase in bike riders of all sorts. Here’s a gift guide for that special someone who prefers the burn in their calves to the stereo in their car.

The Best Gifts For True Dog Lovers

First of all: if you don’t have a dog, please think hard before getting one these holidays. It’s a huge responsibility. They are sentient, sensitive beings who will love you all their life, not toys. But if you’re a true dog lover, then dive in with us and share your favourite gifts with your fellow canine lovers.

Gifts For The Transit-Obsessed

This one’s for the people who give you more reliable subway directions than HopStop, who can describe to you, in detail, the metro map in any given city, and who want to ride the bus “just because.” These transportation-themed gifts will fare well for any and all overzealous public transit enthusiasts in your life. Just don’t get them started on that new light rail line to the airport.

Great Gifts You Can 3D Print

The best gifts are the ones that aren’t obvious. Oh you’re going to get your sister another pair of earrings? Nah. This time you should go for a set that were 3D printed instead. In order to wow your family and everyone on your list this year, here’s are some magical presents that came out of a printer.

Now, you may be thinking, but I don’t have a 3D printer. But no printer is no problem. You can easily order something that has already been designed and 3D printed for you. So now that you know how easy it is, what are you going to print for your friends and family? Maybe you can find some inspiration here.

Gifts For The Ultimate Road Warrior

You know this person: the one that flew back in for Christmas on the morning of, only to jet out to his or her next destination before the last mince pie has been eaten. What do you buy this person? We’ve got you covered with these suggestions.

Gadget Gifts Your Mum Will Love

Your mother has had to put up with you all year. Shouldn’t her patience be rewarded with something cool she can actually use? Try these on.

Gifts For Your Proud Dad

So you need to get a gift for your Dad/step-Dad/in-law/whoever raised you paternally-speaking? Try these options on. Literally none of them suck.

Gifts For Uni Kids That Prove You're Still Hip And With It

Choosing gifts for uni students is a pain. If it’s too practical, it’ll never get used; too childish, you’ll earn yourself a hefty scoff instead of a polite “thank you.” Tread the tightrope with a useful, fun gift that isn’t too grownup, and you’ll be every millennial’s favourite Secret Santa.

The 12 Most Passive Aggressive Secret Santa Presents You Can Give This Year

It’s bad enough that you have to deal with the mouth-breathers at your office five days a week. Now you’ve got to spend your hard-earned money on a Secret Santa present for them as well? Thank you, no. Express your displeasure with these fantastically snarky gift ideas. Let this serve as the anti-gift guide.

Geeky Secret Santa Gifts Under $30

Wanting to add a little more geek-cred to your Secret Santa collection this year, but don’t want to break the budget? Try these awesome selections that would delight the geek in your office.

Prezzies For Music Lovers

So you’ve got a geeky musician in your Christmas midst? Here’s what to get them for Crimbo.

Inexpensive Audio Gifts For The Music Lover

Music: For some people it is entertainment, for others, it is the sound of life. If you are shopping for the latter, the soul afflicted with a music obsession, do not fret. You don’t have to spend buckets on expensive audiophile kit to make them happy. Here are a few suggestions, that should fit into any tune snob’s collection — of gear.

18 Functional Gifts That Will Impress The Woman In Your Life

“HELP! I can’t think of anything to get my girlfriend for Christmas!” Well, knucklehead, there’s a good chance she’s been giving out hints all year long — you just haven’t been paying attention. The secret to memorable gifts is to get something that looks good and has a purpose. Here are 18 gift ideas to get you started.

11 Super Smart Gifts That Connect Your Home To The Internet Of Things

Sure, we’ve been told that ubiquitous computing is just over the horizon for decades — at least since the days of The Jetsons. But over the past 12 months, the Internet of Things has come of age, from smart fire alarms to app-controlled door locks. If you’re looking for a gift for the resident home automatist in your life, here are 11 gifts to get you started.

Boozy Gifts To Fancy Up Your Happy Hour

Nothing helps put you in the holiday spirit like…spirits. We all know that person who believes truly, madly, deeply that alcohol makes everything better. (In moderation, of course.) Whether that person’s a liquor lover, a beer snob, or a wine connoisseur, I’ve distilled a fine selection of the choicest gifts, straight from the internet’s top shelf. And I wanna hear what you’ve got in mind for lovers of alCOOLhol, too!

Geek Toys For Christmas

Once upon a time, the only way to bestow a Doctor Who gift at Christmas was to hand-knit a multicolored scarf. But all that changed when geeks inherited the Earth. These days, you can find ridiculously cool loot for practically every geeky franchise imaginable — from H.R. Giger plush toys to DeLorean time machines made out of Lego. Here’s our shortlist for the geekiest goodies to buy this Christmas (for yourself, natch.)

Gifts For Your Favourite Drone Enthusiast

To a lot of people, drones are those scary things that kill people in Afghanistan. To others, though, they’re a super-fun hobby and even a valuable tool.

Robotic Companion Gifts For Those Who Prefer Artificial Friends

Maintaining human relationships can be such hard work sometimes. And if you know someone who’s decided to cut ties with their fellow man and completely avoid all that emotional drama, here are some robotic gift suggestions that guarantee they won’t be lonely as a result. After all, robots don’t really have birthdays to forget, do they?

The Best Gifts For Getting Lost In The Bush

When shopping for that special someone who loves the great outdoors, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. There are so many companies and so many items with so many different features that it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why we thought we’d kickstart this party with some of our favourite camping gear. We hope H.D. Thoreau would be down.

What Our Editors Want For Christmas

We see a lot of geeky gear and gadgets in this job, and some of them inspire us to part with our cold hard cash to buy for ourselves. Here’s what’s on our Christmas lists.

Merry Christmas!

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