Gift Guide: Gifts For The Bicycle-Borne Road Warrior

Gifts For the Bicycle Borne Road Warrior

Odds are that there's at least one cyclist on your list this year, given the rapid increase in bike riders of all sorts. Here's a gift guide for that special someone who prefers the burn in their calves to the stereo in their car.

Bike Dock

Eventually you're going to own a bike that deserves to be, not only ridden, but hung on a wall. This Bike Dock from .flxble is color coordinatable with your two-wheeled work of art.

Knog Blinder Twin Pack

Knog make the best bike lights. It's a fact. I've never seen or used another brand that puts out the same amount of lumens in such a good looking, easy to use form factor. They plug into any USB slot to recharge and easily wrap on your seatpost and handlebars in seconds.

Road Runner Bags

This tiny LA company makes each of its super-tough bags to order. They’re not terribly expensive, especially compared to the big companies, and all the work is done by hand. The $30 hip pack—by far the most difficult-to-perfect type of bag, really—comes specially recommended by my sister.

Under-Saddle Growler Holder

Essential for anyone who’s ever tried to ride to a party with a glass growler under their arm. Not me, obviously.

Apart Bicycle Print

Todd McLellan is a master of the teardown—in this lovely image, he takes on a Raleigh from the 1980s.

Boombotix Wrex

Don't listen to headphones while you're riding a bike. Ever. Especially when Boombotix makes the Wrex. It's an amazingly loud bluetooth speaker that clips onto just about anything and plays jams without compromising awareness of your surroundings. Did I mention you can take calls with it too?

What's your favourite biking gift? Tell us in the comments!

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