Freebie Friday! 100% Free Game Apps For iOS, Android And Windows Phone

Freebie Friday! 100% Free Game Apps For iOS, Android And Windows Phone

At the end of each week, we bring you a list of the latest free mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. Deals this week include Minion Rush for Windows Phone, RAVENMARK: Mercenaries for Android and Nightmares from the Deep on iOS. Download them all without spending a cent!

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Android Device Manager: FREE!
“Ever misplaced or lost your phone? Android Device Manager locates lost devices and helps you keep your device – and the data inside it – safe and secure.”

Drum Pads: FREE!
“Make beats and music on your phone or tablet with Drum Pads 24. Our evolving library of presets will make your music performance sound like a pro!”

Format Factory: FREE!
“Convert all your video and music files on your android device.”

LolReader: FREE!
“LolReader is great new way to enjoy content from all your favourite sites in one simple app.”

Angry Birds Go!: FREE!
“Welcome to downhill racing on Piggy Island! Feel the rush as you fling those freewheeling birds and piggies down the track at breakneck speed – with plenty of twists and turns in a thrilling race to the finish line!”

Xbox One Voice Commands: FREE!
“Contains all known Xbox One voice and gesture commands, as well as an explanation of what each command does.”

4 Pics 1 Word Answers Floating: FREE!
“Are you playing 4 Pics 1 Word but stuck on a level? Here’s the app for you!”

Karmadillo: FREE!
“Help Ivan the armadillo avenge his ancestors in Karmadillo, an addicting physics-based puzzle game! Created by just two high school seniors and a college freshman, it’s sure to get you hooked.”

Let’s Get Quizzical: FREE!
“Quizzical is a fun quiz app which tests a user’s knowledge on varying topics and difficulties.”

CoinWatch: FREE!
“A beautiful digital currency asset tracker to follow cryptocurrencies.”

wezzoo: FREE!
“With wezzoo, share live local weather observation with the crowd, add great pictures and discover realtime weather maps all around the world.”

piQ – Ask With Pictures: FREE!
“piQ is a question answer app where you can quickly and easily ask questions with pictures.”

Volcoholic: FREE!
“An alcoholic beverage comparison app designed to help you get the maximum amount of alcohol for your money.”

Eaby – Misspelled Item Finder: FREE!
“Looking to buy items well below their usual cost? Eaby is a one-of-a-kind application in the Google Play Store for finding hidden gems on eBay.”

EasyBiz: FREE!
“EasyBiz is designed to make tracking your driving mileage and expenses simple, easy to use and hassle free.”

Bunker Blaster: FREE!
“Hide-out in your bunker, get equipped to survive, and fight for all of humanity in a real-time survival game against an endless army of giant alien bugs.”

Selfie Challenge: FREE!
“Selfie Challenge is a photography game in which you take selfies performing a variety of tasks.”

Gooboids: FREE!
“Generate energy to progress through levels. You generate energy by constantly moving your Electro Gooboid.”

“Build your mercenary army and raise your banner to epic heights in a broken, ravaged world. Wage head-to-head battles against other players in the finest turn-based strategy wargame.”

Bytes Runner: FREE!
“You are a file on a disk that is being formatted, your only option is to run through the data using applications on your way to survive.”

Brain Wars: FREE!
“The purpose of the game is simple: 30 seconds to solve an equation, and select right answer.”

Medieval Wars:Strategy&Tactics: FREE!
“A new game in the Strategy & Tactics series gives you an opportunity to try your strength in confrontations between the most ruthless conquerors.”

Online Privacy Shield: FREE!
“Do you know how many apps and services have permission to access your private info? What about often those services access your data? Use My Permissions to find out and regain control of your privacy.”


SessionBand for iPhone: FREE!
“Anyone can create pro-quality music in minutes with the world’s only chord-based audio loop app.”

Clear Vision: FREE!
“Grab your rifle and make sure to hit with the first bullet.”

Magic Orbs: FREE!
“Your task seems simple – clear the level of obstacles before you run out of lives. Watch out though – pick-ups and power-downs drop from the destroyed blocks.”

Petting Zoo – Animal Animations: FREE!
“21 beautifully animated animals. Full of surprises, wit and quirky animations!”

12 Days Of Gifts: FREE!
“From 26 December – 6 January, you can download a gift each day—songs, apps, books, films and more.”

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star: FREE!
“Amidst a civil war in a galaxy far, far away, the Emperor is building a Death Star level by level, and he needs your help.”

Classic Note: FREE!
“Classic Notes puts the days of one-button mice and 3.5″ floppy disks in your pocket, without breaking your back.”

Highlight by Cohdoo: FREE!
“Shine new light on audio recording user research, interviews, lectures and more with Cohdoo Highlight.”

Find A Path Brain Teaser: FREE!
“Your job is simple: get each dot to the correct access point.”

Radballs: FREE!
“This isn’t your typical tap-to-swap-gems puzzler. Set to a pulsing party mix, you flick, swap and group Radballs to be destroyed by the beat.”

Geared: FREE!
“As players progress through the game, each new puzzle brings new and interesting complexity to the experience.”

Seedio FREE!
“Give your social first-life a boost and party with your friends.

Grilly The Cheese FREE!
“Adventure as a jolly grilled cheese sandwich through an endless obstacle filled world collecting coins and delicious fortune cookies.”


Metal Junk: FREE!
“Two different game modes, special items and a lot of junk!”

Nightmares from the Deep, The Cursed Heart: FREE!
“Dive into an epic journey as a museum owner in pursuit of an undead pirate who has kidnapped your daughter, taking her away in his ghost galleon.”

SessionBand for iPad: FREE!
“Anyone can create pro-quality music in minutes with the world’s only chord-based audio loop app.”

Mandela – History: FREE!
“Discover the story of Nelson Mandela. From apartheid to the presidency of South Africa follow the struggle of an extraordinary man with this app, unique in its kind, through 10 animated tableaux.”

Shifts: FREE!
“Save the human race from extinction by colonizing new worlds following the destruction of Earth.”

Bejeweled HD: FREE!
“Experience the world’s #1 puzzle game on your iPad in HD!”

Starship Troopers Invasion: FREE!
“We are very excited to include many awesome new features in this update, along with two new action buttons in the main game we are introducing an all new first person shooter styled game that allows you to take on bugs in a whole different way!”

Windows Phone

“The Original RETRO BOOMBOX for Windows Phone!”

Instagram BETA: FREE!
“Customize your photos with one of several gorgeous and custom built filter effects.”

Sound Meditation: FREE!
“Bring inner silence, joy, power and creativness into your daily life using this app.”

Cross Court Tennis 2: FREE!
“Real ball physics and pro level speeds make gameplay realistic. High quality animations show off your slice, topspin, volleys, lobs, and dropshots.”

Zombie Swipe: FREE!
“Last thing between the hordes of infected and the very last remnants of humankind is.. YOU! Well, actually, your finger is.”

JetStunt3D: FREE!
“A 3D stunt game with where the pilot will have to pass through the rings of different sizes and shapes without hitting to the obstacles.”

BlocksLAN: FREE!
“A multiplayer Tetris-like unique on the Store! Do lines to score magic points to launch devastating spells that will help you overcome your opponents and progress overall.”

Where’s My Water? 2: FREE!
“Where’s My Water? 2 launches with three brand new locations including the Sewer, the Soap Factory, the Beach.”

Woebots: FREE!
“Robots have overtaken the world in the form of man’s most dangerous creation. They call themselves ‘WOEBOTS’!!!”

JetAssault: FREE!
“Be ready to navigate high tech Jet to save the earth and destroy as many as alien jet that you can destroy.”

Monsters University: FREE!
“Welcome to Monsters University! School is now in session with this official Monsters University mobile game.”

Password Generator: FREE!
“Password Generator is a simply application that allow you to quickly generate passwords with 8 to 64charaters.”

Where’s My Mickey?: FREE!
“Express yourself through posts that take seconds to create, collect and share on Socl, as well as Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter.”

iSwarm: FREE!
“iSwarm allows you to monitor what matters. You can search across Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube, bringing the results into a single Watchlist.”

Wreck-It Ralph: FREE!
“Hit the arcade and game-hop between 5 different arcade games all based on the film, Wreck-it Ralph!”

Minion Rush: FREE!
“Play as a Minion and compete with others in hilarious, fast-paced challenges in order to impress your boss, (former?) super-villain Gru! “

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