Doctor Who: Matt Smith And Karen Gillan Heading Down Under

Who fans, make a note in your diary — and what'll probably be a serious dent in your wallet — as Matt Smith heads to Australia for a bevy of quick convention dates in March.

Image: BBC

Hub Productions has announced it's secured Matt Smith and Karen Gillan for appearances at one day events across Australia in March 2014. Dubbed "WHOniverse", the event promises Smith, Gillan and an unnamed third guest to be confirmed.

Actually, aside from the dates, there's a lot yet to be confirmed, such as venues and for that matter ticket prices.

I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that they won't be in any way cheap, however — or at least, if I were Matt Smith's agent, I'd be charging as much as possible for his time right now, in any case. There's also no sign of the usual convention "subject to availability" disclaimer, but I'd take that as read if I were you.

Tickets are stated to go on sale in mid-January for appearance dates in Sydney on the 1st of March, Perth on the 2nd, Adelaide on the 8th and finally Melbourne on the 9th.

Whoniverse [Hub Productions]

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