Climate Change Is Moving The North Pole And Affecting Earth's Rotation

Climate change is moving the North pole and affecting Earth's rotation

I thought I knew all the dreadful effects of climate change, but this new discovery has truly surprised me: "Climate change is causing the North Pole's location to drift, owing to subtle changes in Earth's rotation that result from the melting of glaciers and ice sheets." The entire Earth is tilting because this change.

One example:

The influx of fresh water from shrinking ice sheets also causes the planet to pitch over. Landerer and colleagues estimate that the melting of Greenland's ice is already causing Earth's axis to tilt at an annual rate of about 2.6 centimetres — and that rate may increase significantly in the coming years.

During the this century, ocean warming will make the north pole's spin axis to move towards Alaska and Hawaii about 1.5 centimers per year. The newly redistributed mass will also make our planet to spin faster.

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    So you know the photo is of Antarctica, right?

    Bullshit. The Earth's axis has been moving back and forth for billions of years on a consistent 40,000 years cycle due to the Moon. Do some research before posting lies on the web.

      Well said. No evidence this is true at all. How long have we been keeping records? 5 minutes? We've been here such a short time and we have NO IDEA what the planet has in store for us yet. It might get totally messed-up. Nothing might happen at all. We don't know. But alarmist-ism is not the right approach.

      So, rkay (and slidin): you've read the article in the NewScientist, and are qualified to discount these theories (presented "this week at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco") because you have a background in the field, have examined the data, and are qualified to interpret the findings?

      Didn't think so.

      Neither do I, but I don't call bullpoopies until I know it's bullpoopies.

      Well said, we have been here but a fraction of the time the planet has been estimated to and even less at a time we can understand yet we can assume it's all happening because we can control things and make things happen and forget there is other life that does that in there lives to. Thank you for being a smart-ling on this planet.

      Well said indeed, who cares about Milankovitch cycles (as in, real science) when we have ascientific scare stories to regurgitate?

      Calling bullpoopies with an irrelevant factoid is the calling card of pseudoscientific argument. It's also a breathtaking contradiction of your own argument. Consider - how you know 1) that the earth is billions if years old and 2) that it rotates on a 40000 year cycle with the moon. Consider how we know anything about the past at all? Do you not think that qualified teams of scientists would be aware of the research that other qualified scientists made, and may have even used this to inform their own research? And maybe even improve or disprove it, as science allows? Because you should really consider that before you post hypocritical and self-contradictory lies on the web.

        Honest answer? No, most scientist have no idea what other scientist are doing or have done most of the time.

          And yet I have a strong suspicion that the people at NASA probably have a very good idea of the body of knowledge and the scientists involved in areas relating to orbital mechanics - don't you?
          And I suspect that they actually have the wherewithal to find out and do in fact try to do this. Unlike you.

          Paraphrasing your argument most accountants don't know anything about other accountants so I guess nobody knows anything about how to keep financial records ... in fact its all to hard.

      What you're referring to is called a Milankovitch cycle which takes some 20,000 years to shift from 22.1 degrees to 24.5 degrees. The shift does affect temperature but even so the instrumental temperature record shows a comparatively sudden rise in global atmosphere and ocean temperatures in recent decades attributed to man-made greenhouse gas emissions.

      Also you forgot to mention that
      - Fracking does no harm to any local environment.
      - GMO are perfectly safe to eat.
      - Nanoparticles are safe for all humans
      - All the oceans are still teeming with fish
      - Tech companies never use their customers as beta testers.

        Never said anything about temperature. Ever. I'm not denying Global Warming. Also you are wrong, It's 41,000 years. See below, second paragraph.

        You obviously didn't read it correctly the first time you Google searched it. And don't put words in my mouth about those other subjects.

      Hey idiot, did you read the article?

      The wobble in Earth's axis of rotation is a combination of two major components, each with its own cause. One is called the Chandler wobble and is thought to arise because the Earth is not rigid. Another is the annual wobble, related to Earth's orbit around the sun.
      Remove these wobbles, and you are left with an additional signal. Since observations began in 1899, the North Pole has been drifting southwards 10 centimetres per year along longitude 70° west – a line running through eastern Canada.
      This drift is due to the changes in the distribution of Earth's mass as the crust slowly rebounds after the end of the last ice age. But Chen's team found something surprising. In 2005, this southward drift changed abruptly. The pole began moving eastwards and continues to do so, a shift that has amounted to about 1.2 metres since 2005.

      All you can refer to is the effect the moon has on earth as if you've actually done some research? Sheesh.

      Last edited 27/12/13 8:41 am

    Seeing you're talking about the North Pole, why do we have a picture of Antarctica as the lead graphic?

    So you all say it's rubbish but you didn't read the link, you don't do any research yourselves and none of you identify as geologists.

    I guess I'll weight the original story higher than your mere opinions. At least that story describes the basis under which these claims are made.

    Records of the poles location exist for over 100 years and it has been moving, says the original article, but this motion changed in recent time. You guys posit no reason for this observed change other than your own ignorance. IE "we dont know". TFG.

    Like a typical denier you start by assuming that the scientists who did this analysis haven't heard about Milankovitch cycles and build your wall of shit out from their. OF course they know. What they think they are seeing is the shift due to changes in planetary mass AFTER you account for all the known knowns.

    If you wanted to gripe, why not point out that the picture is of Antarctica? The area where the team admits the greatest uncertainty exists.

    I feel so much safer knowing that some of the commenters above are so much more intelligent than our scientists. It is especially reassuring when they can refute those pesky scientists with simple statements like "Bullshit".

    Last edited 27/12/13 12:32 pm

      The scientists said it would never ever rain again in Australia. I said bullshit. It rained of course and we also had floods. Don't fool yourself that scientists know everything. Over the last hundred years scientists have been disproving other scientists on a regular basis. If one thing is a certainty, it's that scientists are wrong most of the time. It's not their fault. This earth is very complicated.

        Which Scientists said it would "never" rain again. That is just foolish self serving hyperbole.
        What has been said is that periods of drought may be more intense and that periods of rain may also be more intense. Unless you can find a direct quote, and not some imagined counterfactoid from the usual evidence free blogs ...

    Global Warming!!!!
    ARGGHHHHHHHHHHH - We're All Gonna Die (trademark) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Trust in scientists is falling through the floor because of the "Climate Change" scam.
    The "media" haven't got any brains or balls at all.
    And the latest meeting of the American Geophysical Union was funded by Big Oil - look it up - there are pictures and everything!
    Meanwhile the earth hasn't warmed in 17 years.
    The "missing" heat is in the ocean?
    Oh yeah - like we've measured "the" temperature of the ocean. Big Ha!
    Mention "Global Warming" in your grant application and the money rolls in.
    Try to do some actual measuring which might disprove any aspect of it and you're a pariah and a denier and won't get published. That's why the latest Nobel Prize winner wants to boycott the big science journals.
    "Randy Schekman says his lab will no longer send papers to Nature, Cell and Science as they distort scientific process."
    Science has been corrupted by government money.
    The internets is changing that - it already is.
    If the Globull Warming scam had happened before the web we'd all be paying 90% of our salaries to the guvmint to stop the world from frying - that same world that hasn't warmed for seventeen years.
    Meanwhile, researchers are stuck in the Antarctic ice in Summer!
    "The expedition is being led by Chris Turney, “climate scientist”, who has “set up a carbon refining company called Carbonscape which has developed technology to fix carbon from the atmosphere and make a host of green bi-products, helping reduce greenhouse gas levels.” The purpose of the expedition is “to discover and communicate the environmental changes taking place in the south.”"
    The stupidity - it hurts.

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