Channel Seven's Tribute To Analogue TV Is Actually Really Sweet

Sydney had its analogue TV signal shut off in Sydney this morning, with vibrant channels suddenly turning to snow as the digital switchover reared its head. Almost every network let the moment pass without note, but Channel Seven actually marked the switch-off with this adorable animation.

This is what every single channel looked like during the switch-off: barreling towards the end with no thought as to what was coming.

Channel Seven suspended ordinary programming, and went back to a black and white animation of a Kangaroo taking the old network's logo and turning it into a bed to tuck in her Joey. The Kangaroo marked the end of the analogue broadcast by pulling down a blind which simply read "GOODBYE".


Here's the full three-minute tribute.

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    Didn't Seven do similar signoffs in other reasons? I remember they did something similar in Brisbane, can't remember what.


        ...yes, regions. Don't know how I missed that. And yes, Seven did do a "best of" montage and signed off with their original test pattern. The other stations did nothing.

    Sydney had its analogue TV signal shut off in Sydney this morning,

    And here I was thinking that Sydney had its analogue TV signal shut off somewhere else.

      At the Redundancy Department of Redundancy :)

      hahahaha, I was about to type something about that but you win lol

    That was actually pretty sweet. Analogue TV is now just a bedtime story for children of a future generation.

    I think I might peek out the window tonight before bed and say goodbye to my old analogue TVs and VCR, both of which are in the big side-of-the-road in the sky.

    Anyone else notice the music that played at the end of Channel Seven's tribute is the same music used in the intro to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

    If only they put as much time and effort into their regular programming, they could start being half relevant again.

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