Buy This Cabin — And Get Its Secret Treasure Tunnels Free

Buy This Cabin — And Get Its Secret Treasure Tunnels Free

This one bedroom, one bath cabin in the hills above Malibu is nothing fancy: It was built in the 1940s, it’s serviced by dirt roads, and it needs “major remodelling”. In fact, you have to get all the way into the second paragraph of the listing to see the cabin’s biggest selling point: The cabin maybe might potentially could possibly be sitting on top of buried treasure.

From the listing: “Original owner believed there was a buried Spanish gold in the large rock next to the house and spent many years digging three mine shafts to try to find it. It is unknown if he was successful.”

That very carefully worded statement tells you everything you need to know about this cabin and its three mine shafts: The original owner probably died desperate and delusional, babbling on his deathbed about the gold that was rightfully his, dammit.

And, for only $US579,000, you could end up just like him.

But wait a second, you think. Just imagine the advances in technology since the 1940s. He likely didn’t have any of the tools that you have at your disposal — like really good, really sensitive, really expensive metal detectors. In fact, you already bought one, just in case. If that gold’s down there, you’ll definitely be able to find it.

There’s some other stuff in the listing, about 40 acres of land, and some great views, and a private well on the property, but blah blah blah who cares. You’re on your way to the bank to secure a loan. By this time next year, that gold will be all yours. ALL YOURS!!! [Estately via Curbed LA]