Building The Bentley: Old World Luxury Meets New-World Techniques

The Flying B logo is a symbol of luxury automotive not found anywhere else in the world. Sitting in a Bentley is like sitting in the smoking room of an old British country mansion, situated on a thousand acre estate. Each one is handcrafted from scratch, with only the finest materials in the world. This is Inside Bentley.

The car nuts from /DRIVE were let into the factory where Bentley's are being built, and discovered that it's one of the most intricate hand-crafting operations in the world.

The leather is marked by professionals, then laser scanned and cut by a robot so that not a single piece is wasted.

It then gets sent out to the factory floor, where it's hand stitched by real humans to create that plush, luxury feel that only a Bentley can replicate.

Then there's the wood shop. Oh my, the wood shop.

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