Aussie Scientists Make Male Contraceptive Pill Breakthrough

Aussie Scientists Make Male Contraceptive Pill Breakthrough

The male contraceptive pill is one of the great mysteries of science, but it may finally be in our collective grasp after a breakthrough by Monash University scientists.

The breakthrough involved rendering male mice temporarily infertile by blocking two proteins that are required for the transportation of sperm through the reproductive organs.

Monash scientists said that the mice were observed having sex normally, but not ejaculating any sperm at the conclusion.

Scientists told the ABC that they had developed a solution that “would block the transport of sperm and then if you’re a young guy and you get to the stage where you wanted to start fathering children, you stop taking it and everything should be okay.”

One of the many problems associated with the male contraceptive pill is the potential that it’s unable to be reversed should the man actually need to start producing sperm in the future.

Unfortunately for men, you won’t be able to rush out and buy this one straight away: scientists say we’ll be able to buy it sometime within the next 10 years.

Would you take a male contraceptive pill? [ABC]

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