Airports Are Pretty Awesome When They’re Not Stressing You Out

The default emotions in airports are pretty much all negative. You’re either late, exhausted, frustrated, hungry, regretting Panda Express, remembering all the crucial things that were in the checked bag you’ll never see again, or composing a complaint letter/Tweet in your head. But airports are also beautiful.

Photographer Owen Scharlotte shot this time lapse of San Francisco International, SFO at Night, over four nights or about 20 hours. He processed the 8000 RAW photos/150GB of data in Adobe Lightroom, Panolapse, Quicktime Pro and finally Premiere Pro. And this time lapse has much more detailed documentation than most because Scharlotte posted about it on Time-Lapse Blog. The best part is probably just seeing the planes land, but the AirTrain footage is pretty cool too. If only we could go through TSA at this speed.