Apps To Never Lose Your Friends On A Night Out

Where the heck is that bar you're supposed to be at? And what about that restaurant everyone's gathering near? Make sure you never get lost again on a night out with these awesome apps.

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Google's Latitude service has been baked into Google Maps on Android forever, but now you can get it cross-device and track where all your Google friends are so you never lose track of them. (Android, iOS)


Facebook is awesome because you have both a messaging product so you can ask your friends where they are, as well as a check-in element so they can send up a virtual flare as to their location.

Find My Friends

Find My Friends is an iOS-only application made by Apple that uses your Apple ID to track your iPhone. Privacy is a key concern, however, meaning you can only be tracked by people you approve and you can stop sharing your location at any time.


How many times have your friends not known where they are? hangouts by Google is a cross-platform app that lets you video chat your friends so you can see what they're seeing and tell them that they really should have taken that second left back there.


Foursquare is great for finding new places to go, but it's got a much more powerful platform for checking in compared to Facebook, so you can tell your friends where you are and attach a location with it. Handy!

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