A 3D Printer That Draws Designs In Jelly Shots

As soon as mankind fully masters 3D printing, we’ll be able to make anything, in any shape, at any time. We’ll be — for all intents and purposes — gods. But until then, we might as well use the technology to inject even more liquor (in fun shapes!) into Jelly shots, right? .

That’s exactly what Jeroen Domburg did for his very lucky friend’s 25th birthday party. Using parts swiped from old DVD and CD drives, Domburg rigged up a 3D-printer that simply uses a hollow needle to print with a mixture of liquor, food colouring, and corn starch instead of plastic. Once inserted into the shot, the printer can be instructed to make a variety of figures like any other 3D printer, just, you know, in alcohol-fused Jelly instead of thin air.

Unnecessary? Certainly. But something we wanna try. You bet. [YouTube via BoingBoing]