7 Of The World’s Most Awesome Alternative Christmas Trees

7 Of The World’s Most Awesome Alternative Christmas Trees

Nothing will ever be able to replace the simple beauty of a real, live Christmas tree — and don’t even get us started on the smell. But no matter how much we may cherish this piney holiday tradition, the reality remains: They’re bulky, messy, and a pain in the arse to toss out once they’re dead. But fake Christmas trees are tacky, right? That’s where you’re wrong — welcome to the wide and exciting world of Christmas trees alternatives, where the best are anything but.

Whether it’s recyclables, explosives, or 3D holograms, people all over the world are reinventing this classic Christmas staple into something worthy of the 21st century. Because making trees out of trees is so passé.

Here are seven of our favourite Christmas trees reinvented. Have your own timber alternative? Feel free to show us down below.

Tumbleweed Tree (Chandler, Arizona)

Det Cord Christmas Tree (Tennessee)

Lego Christmas Tree (LegoLand Malaysia)

Sleigh Tree (Budapest, Hungary)

Holographic Tree (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

World’s Biggest Christmas Tree (Gubbio, Italy)

Christmas Tree from 40,000 Recycled Bottles (Kaunas, Lithuania)