3D Carpet Playmats Keep Hot Wheels Cars Safely On The Road

Anyone who grew up with a tiny garage full of Hot Wheels cars must remember those plush playmats featuring roads and carparks. You were free to cruise around anywhere you liked — but what kind of message does that send to future drivers? These IVI 3D Play Carpets are a much better alternative, featuring a mix of soft carpet and smooth roads that limit where a tiny car can roam.

At $US150 they’re not cheap, but they do come in a couple of different colour schemes and patterns, so at least you get to choose. Besides, spending that much coin up front will certainly be cheaper than paying for the repairs and fines if your son or daughter starts learning to drive with the assumption they’re free to cut across lawns, parks and ponds. [Luca & Company via ThisIsWhyI’mBroke]