10 Desk Accessories Designed From A Single Slab Of Wood

Desktop accessories might be a bit of a dying breed, but, dammit, it’s still nice to have a place to keep your phone, change, pencils and pocket ephemera organised.

As part of the new Design Made in France Expo, 10 young designers were tasked with resurrecting the form; each was given a single slab of solid oak with the brief to create a functional, clean-lined “pocket” to hold onto the stuff that makes for messy workstations.

Pierre Dubourg

Bertrand Besnard

Considering the blank slate they began with, it’s neat to see all the different incarnations that emerged in the span of 10 days.

Mickael Dejean

Mickael Dejean

Between the slats, divots, platforms and moving parts, I was trying to pick a favourite, but they all have their charms. Given the junk you’ve got to contend with, which would be your pick for the ideal desktop sidekick? [notcot]

Lead image: Jonathan Le Monnier, Romain Jung and Lili Cheng, Lionel Dinis Salazar, Paul Venaille, Florent Degourc, Tony Bougaran