Xbox One Teardown: Plenty Of Room To Breathe

Xbox One Teardown: Plenty of Room to Breathe

The Xbox One is (almost) here, and it's a magical future machine — when it's working. But inside that behemoth box iFixit found something there's not so magical or futuristic: a bit of empty space.

It should come as no surprise that the Xbox One is luxuriously spacious on the inside, considering it's almost comically large, and Microsoft's has a very reasonable fear of overheating issues after last generation's Red Ring of Death overheating debacle.

iFixit isn't completely done with its deconstruction quite yet (update: all done!), but so far it's found the Xbox One is exceedingly easy to get into, which bodes very very well for its repairability score. But here's to hoping you never really have a reason to go inside regardless. You can hop over to iFixit to see all the pretty pictures of fantastic next-gen guts. [iFixit]

Xbox One Teardown: Plenty of Room to Breathe

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