Xbox One Kinect Cheat Sheet: New Gestures Explained

Xbox One Kinect Cheat Sheet: New Gestures Explained

Microsoft’s newest salvo in the console wars finally launched in the wee hours of this morning. In addition to more powerful graphics, the new machine comes bundled with a redesigned Kinect sensor that promises more functionality than ever before. This handy cheat sheet explains all the new gestures and voice commands that you need to know.

Kinect 2.0 has been designed to allow you to control your TV and console with simple voice and gesture commands. While this makes life simpler in theory, it’s not immediately obvious how the various new functions are achieved. Instead of barking useless commands and flailing your arms around like an idiot, print off this handy crib sheet which was supplied by Microsoft to the media with their review units.

Kinect 2.0 Gesture/Voice Commands (click to enlarge):

We should point out that despite improving on its predecessor, the new Kinect still remains somewhat flaky and unpredictable — you can read some of our initial thoughts here and in Kotaku’s Australian review. In short, don’t blame us if some of the above commands don’t seem to work properly!

[Via Business Insider]

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