What Happened In The NBN This Week?

What Happened In The NBN This Week?

Bumper NBN update time! Believe it or not, the NBN rollout actually went backwards this week.

That’s right: the National Broadband Network rollout technically went backwards this week, as thousands of homes and businesses were struck from the rollout maps, much to the dismay of those hoping to secure fast fibre for themselves.

Meanwhile, Telstra is suing the National Broadband Network Company for money it believes is owed for inflation indexation. The headline is way more exciting than the reason, it seems. Regardless, if you’re an IT professional, there are a few lessons to be learned here.

Elsewhere, the head of the exciting Google Fiber concept said that if you build fast networks, people will find a way to use them. That flies in the face of the current government’s thinking on fast networks. Hopefully they were listening.

Speaking of decision makers, Malcolm Turnbull is getting his ear well and truly bent in his local paper by those “Save The NBN” folks.

Number three telco Vodafone has said that it still wants to offer NBN plans, but won’t do so until at least 2016. Aw.