Wearable Tech Doesn’t Make You Look Dumb, Preaching About It Does

Wearable Tech Doesn’t Make You Look Dumb, Preaching About It Does

Meet Rambotia Jones: a Glasshole. Rambotia isn’t real, but at the same time, he’s the most accurate personification of tech-obsessed douchebags ever seen.

Rambotia Jones identifies as a futurist techspert: someone who “tries out new toys and gadgets so that the world can thank him later”. As you’ll soon realise from this video, he’s everything that’s wrong with early-adoption.

It’s a character played by comedian and all-round good guy Dan Ilic, who knows all too well how fucking stupid tech-obsessed jerk-offs look when they start spouting about “game-changing”, “futuristic” and “conceptual” technology.

It made me wonder when I watched this sketch for SBS 2’s The Feed what we all must look like to so-called “normal” people. People who aren’t as obsessed with gadgets as we are.

They say that the geeks have now inherited the Earth with the rise of comic book movies, video games as blockbusters and smartphones as must-haves rather than nerdy-wants. So why do we still look so stupid when trying out new tech like Google Glass or getting biocomputing implants? It’s because people like this treat tech like a religion, rather than something cool that everyone can use.

I don’t know, but sometimes, looking in a satirical mirror about just how much we love tech can make us feel a little silly.

The moral of the story? Nothing is a game-changer. No tech is worth fighting about. Fanboyism is dumb. Use the tech you want to use because it’s cool, don’t give the rest of us a bad name by being a skylarking wanker about it.