Watch The Fall Of Arcadia In The Latest Doctor Who Mini-Episode

The universe stands on the brink in the lead-up to The Day Of The Doctor, and another mini-episode has surfaced, showing the fall of Arcadia.

It's called The Last Day, and it's all shot from the perspective of a newbie soldier fighting on the front lines of Arcadia on Galifrey, the home world of the Time Lords.

The playback we're watching comes from his helmet cam, and an unfortunate side-effect of the new technology is that it produces hallucinations at first. Hallucinations, or haunting premonitions?

One Dalek could destroy all of Arcadie and subsequently, Galifrey, so it's up to the soldiers to hold them off. Turns out they don't do a great job.

This is the best Doctor Who mini-episode to date!

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