Vodafone Doubles Data On Plans

Vodafone Doubles Data On Plans

Is the data in your plan feeling a little light? Perhaps it’s worth checking out the new plans from Vodafone: the carrier is doubling the data on many of its plans.

Vodafone will double the data on its month-to-month voice plans, starting from the $45 per month plan and working up, as well as 12 and 24-month plans on a contract starting from the $60 plan or higher.

As an example, customers on the $60 plan, with a 12- or 24-month contract will get 3GB per month to use, rather than the 1.5GB they were getting previously. That data will go further than you think, too, thanks to the fact that Vodafone charges by the kilobyte and not in per-megabyte blocks like some other carriers.

Here are the other plans for reference:

You’ll get double the data for the life of the plan, providing you sign up on an eligible plan between today and 3 January, 2014.

Voda’s chief marketing officer noted that its customers are using 61 per cent more data than they did 12 months ago, adding that the carrier didn’t want to contribute to the industry trend that saw carriers slashing data left and right.