Turn Any Wall Into A Death Star With These Mix-And-Match Tiles

Turn Any Wall Into a Death Star With These Mix-and-Match Tiles

Tom Spina Designs has a long history of bringing wonderful Star Wars-inspired creations to life. We still wish we could have snatched up the Han Solo Carbonite desk the company created, and now we desperately want these brilliant sculpted modular tiles that make any surface look like you're up close and personal with the Death Star.

Unfortunately, the tiles were custom-made for an over-the-top Star Wars-themed home theatre the company was hired to design and build. All-in-all, the artists created fourteen unique twelve-by-twelve-inch tiles that averaged anywhere from three to four-inches tall depending on the details included.

Those master tiles were then cast and reproduced in tinted resin, and then painted in subtle variations of grey to create the effect of even more depth and age. When attached to the walls of the theatre as accent pieces, they helped create the illusion of the Death Star's complex outer facade. And, with enough imagination, it's not hard to see tiny X-Wings making that crucial trench run. [Tom Spina Designs via Homes and Hues]

Turn Any Wall Into a Death Star With These Mix-and-Match Tiles

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