The Day Of The Doctor: So, Was It Good For You?

The Day Of The Doctor: So, Was It Good For You?

It’s crazy to think after months of build-up, the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who has been and gone. Well, for those who watched it earlier this morning. If you plan to check it out when the ABC repeats it at 7:30 tonight, or you’re heading to a cinema to catch it in 3D, then you might want to avoid going any further, lest you hit one of those nasty spoiler things.

Monique Ross over at the ABC did due diligence and caught up with a few local folk to ask them how they planned to celebrate the occasion. Apparently, the best food to enjoy it with is fish fingers and custard, but that’s probably a combination best served separately.

If you’re the pensive, thoughtful type, then you can read plenty of reviews of the episode online, which appear to be unanimously positive.

Finally, the closing of the episode contained perhaps the biggest surprise of all — a (sadly scarfless) Tom Baker. If you fainted, it’s OK, I’m sure it was sufficiently manly (or womanly).

Now it’s over to you guys. Was the episode everything you hoped it would be? How about semi-hoped? Commit your praises and gripes to the eternity of electronica below.