These Fantastic Funnels Filter Taps As Fast As They Flow

These Fantastic Funnels Filter Faucets as Fast as They Flow

Whirlpool is tackling the issue of wasteful plastic water bottles with a new product that finally lives up to the company's namesake. The EveryDrop looks a giant plastic drip, but when turned upside down it works as a funnel that filters water from a faucet as fast as it flows — so there's no waiting hours for thousands of methodical drips to fall.

Besides its curvy design and clever invertible logo, the real beauty of the EveryDrop is that it can be used to fill bottles, pitchers, coffee machines or anywhere else you need water free of Chlorine, Chloramine or other contaminants that affect its taste and smell. So while it can be taken and used anywhere, it's designed to purify water that's already been treated, not stuff that comes straight from a stagnant puddle.

The $US20 EveryDrop includes a filter good for filling about 450 bottles before it needs to be replaced, and refills will set you back $US12 each. So in the long run, it will end up saving you money if you buy a lot of bottled water, and saving you time if you're used to waiting for a Brita pitcher. [Whirlpool Water]

These Fantastic Funnels Filter Faucets as Fast as They Flow

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