There's A Doctor Who Easter Egg Hiding In Your Android Phone

Who doesn't love Easter eggs? Not the chocolate kind you ingest in disgusting quantities every April, but the hidden secrets squirrelled away in TV shows, DVD menus and of course, applications and operating systems. Today's concealed fun comes to us courtesy of Google, where more than a few employees must enjoy the sci-fi antics of Doctor Who.

Watching the video above, put together by the folks over at Phandroid, accessing the Easter egg is easy. Just fire up Google Now on your Android-powered phone, speak the magical words "When am I?" and wait to be told about the lack of time-travelling functionality.

Yes, Google has a lot of resources to draw on, but bending tachyons is beyond even it... at least for now.

If you have your ringer volume turned down (or completely off), then you won't hear much of anything, so make sure it's set to something audible before you go showing your friends.

[YouTube, via Phandroid]

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