The Large Pixel Collider Might Be The Most Powerful Gaming PC Known To Man

PC gamers have long looked down upon the paltry graphics offered by consoles, and now their cliff of smugness is about to rise even higher with the birth of the Large Pixel Collider: an immense gaming system with eye-watering specs.

The LPC has been built by the guys over at PC Gamer, and it's next-level weaponised.

It's running a massive 64GB of RAM, terabytes upon terabytes of memory, a 480GB SSD paging drive, and four — yes, four — NVIDIA GTX Titan video cards. WHAT.

The guys will be using this thing to capture beautiful gaming footage that will make 1080p look like VHS. Over the next few weeks, they'll be capturing games like Battlefield 4 at a blistering 7680x1440.

Check out this awesome video of how they put it together.

[PC Gamer via Kotaku]

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