The Forest Looks Like The Most Beautiful, Terrifying Game Ever Made

Scary games seem to be a proverbial dime-a-dozen these days, but what does it take to make a game that's truly, bone-rattlingly terrifying? Ask the developers of The Forest: a beautiful game that spins around to scare the crap out of you more than any title before it.

Above is the second trailer for The Forest, and the tagline seems to indicate your only objective: survive the forest.

You'll be fighting weird cult members, monsters and the environment with your trusty axe, questing through caves and gorgeous forest scenes.

I really do and really don't want to play this game.

What's going to be more terrifying is the fact that it's going to be on Oculus Rift. Open world survival horror on the most immersive platform ever? I might need a fresh pair of pants.

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