Curbed Has Been Bought By Vox Media

The empire of sites in the Curbed family — including the Racked and Eater networks, dishing up fashion and food, respectively — have been bought by Vox Media for what's described as "$20-$30 million in cash and stock"

Curbed, which has been dealing urban news, development gossip, and real estate porn since 2005 out of its base in New York City, has successfully expanded nationwide and would seem to offer Vox a great platform for accessing those local markets. But what do you think? Is $US20-$30 million too much or too little? Is Curbed the right buy? Felix Salmon is titillated. Congratulations to Lockhart Steele, the site's founder and editor-in-chief, either way.

Vox Has Acquired Lockhart Steele's Curbed Network For $US20 — 30 Million In Cash And Stock [BusinessInsider]

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