The Complex Relationships Between Bourbons, Visualised

The Complex Relationships Between Bourbons, Visualised
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As any good drinker knows, there’s a an awful lot to know about Bourbon. But if you’re sometimes confused about the providence of your tipple, then this family tree should help.

Put together by Colin Spoelman for GQ, this chart shows the origins of some of the most famous bourbons. He explains:

This chart shows the major distilleries operating in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana, grouped horizontally by corporate owner, then subdivided by distillery. Each tree shows the type of whiskey made, and the various expressions of each style of whiskey or mash bill, in the case of bourbons. For instance, Basil Hayden’s is a longer-aged version of Old Grand-Dad, and both are made at the Jim Beam Distillery.

Now, a challenge: try remembering some of this stuff next time you’re drinking it. [GQ via Flowing Data]