Star Wars Down Under Is Finally Here, And It's Flamin' Incredible

I take back everything disparaging I ever said about the fan-film Star Wars Down Under. This is the best fan recreation of the Star Wars universe I have ever seen. Watch this. Right now.

Star Wars Down Under follows one man's quest to restore order to the galaxy with the purest substance known to Australians: beer.

Our hero lands in the Outback with his ship in search of a frosty cold space beverage. On his quest, he meets aliens and Jedi who are all gearing up for a war with a suited villain who has oppressed the people by taking control of their lives and burning down the pubs. Cue outrageous special effects as the Rebels fight back for their way of life.

The music is perfect, the sounds are perfect, the CGI is incredible and the script is loaded with laughs.

It's 30-minutes of unadulterated awesome, even with the 'Strayan twang.

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