Samsung: 2014 Phones To Have Twice The Pixels, Folding Displays By 2015

The future is slowly arriving, with the advent of phones with radically curved screens — but Samsung isn’t yet content. In fact, the company insists that the displays of its devices will be foldable by 2015.

Speaking at Samsung’s Analyst Day this week, the company announced that it’ll bring fully-foldable screens to the market “some time in 2015”. That kind of bendable display will, apparently, find its way into both normal devices like phones and tablets, as well as the new rash of wearable tech, like the firm’s Galaxy Gear.

The Verge is also reporting that there a plans to dramatically up pixel counts too:

[T]he display category was highlighted by the promise of 560ppi AMOLED panels for phones. Combine that with the 1440p resolution and you get a 5.2-inch handset — the same dimensions as on LG’s 1080p G2, but with 78 per cent more pixels. And if that’s not enough, we’re told to look forward to 4K resolutions — also known as Ultra HD or 3840 x 2160 — in 2015.

Phew. Samsung, it’s fair to say, is usually good to its word with this kind of thing. It’s long been developing flexible screens, and promises made at CESs past have now started to come good of recent times. Whether the kind of foldable tech shown off in the above video will be with us by 2015, though, remains to be seen — but if it pulls it off, it will feel like living in the future. [Business Wire via Engadget, The Verge]