Retroworld Is A Game About Actually Being A Gamer

Retroworld Is A Game About Actually Being A Gamer

It’s funny, games like to get introspective and meta all the time, but only about other games. RetroWorld is a game about actually being a kid who plays games, and it looks just wonderful.

With a visual style that makes it look like 80’s Lucasarts played to much Earthbound, the game promises to take you through 30 years of gaming, growing up and playing through the progression of the pastime.

The devs say the meat of the game takes place over four phases:

The hype – Excitement builds in anticipation of a new game. The town folks express their likes and dislikes while the marketing blitz covers the streets with billboards about the game.

Earn the game – Do whatever it takes to earn enough cash before the game is released

Buy the game – The game is finally released but can you get your hands on a copy before all the store sell out. Use the phone book to track the stores with stock and get there before it’s too late.

Playing the game – The night mare is over, you can now play your game and relax or so you thought. Some malfunctioning game may come to life and pull you or your friends into the game worlds. Other games might leak some of their creatures out into your unsuspecting town. It’s up to you to take charge and push the game worlds back where they belong. (You must finish your purchased game to advance the story to the next phase).

They’re looking to fund the game via Kickstarter, where you can also check out more info.

RetroWorld [Kickstarter]

Originally published on Kotaku