Queensland Police Dismiss So-Called ‘Anonymous Threat’

Queensland Police Dismiss So-Called ‘Anonymous Threat’

It has been just over 48 hours since the Queensland Police Minister described a so-called “member” of “Anonymous” as a “gutless coward” for posting a video that he perceived as a threat Premier Campbell Newman. Now, police are dismissing the video and the accused Anon member, following what appears to have been a needless investigation.

The outlandish slam (warning: auto-play video after the jump) from the Police Minister came after a video posted on YouTube over the weekend reportedly by Anonymous objecting to Campbell Newman’s so-called “bikie laws”, designed to crack down on outlaw motorcycle gangs. What the entirety of Queensland seemed to miss out on is that there wasn’t a threat to be found in the video, just a misunderstanding of the motto “Expect Us”.

A statement posted online today from the Queensland Police confirms that the individual at the centre of the brouhaha has been questioned and released without charge.

Here’s the statement:

The Queensland Police Service has identified and interviewed a man who was involved in the posting of a video on YouTube relating to the Premier of Queensland.

The QPS has not identified any criminal offence in relation to this matter as a result of its inquiries at this time.

You sure showed him, Queensland Police.